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Meeting artist and furniture maker, Patricia Bell — Connecting people with nature through functional art.

I walk up Patricia's driveway when my nose immediately catches a whiff of wood and sawdust. I love that smell! It brings back memories of spending hours watching my grandpa at work in his woodshop. I pass by the garage and climb the flight of stairs to the front entrance of her house. I knock in anticipation when a tall, strikingly beautiful woman dressed in a black, tight, bell-bottom jumpsuit welcomes me with a big smile.

I'm taken back by her well executed 70's disco vibe, definitely not what I had expected. Having only seen snippets of her work, I envisioned the artist herself wearing something along the lines of dust-covered overalls picking dirt from underneath her fingernails. In her thick Brazilian accent, she says: "Hi Cass, it's so nice to meet you" as she leans in for a warm hug and makes me feel right at home. Feeling slightly underdressed myself, showing up in casual jeans and my baggy "Kurt Cobain" cardigan, I enter her candle-lit space.

It is still light out, the sun glistening through her sliding glass door, looking out at her porch. Her place is warm and inviting and my eyes are instantly drawn to a beautiful 3-tier set of wood rounds crafted into side tables. I admire Patricia's work, ready to see more of her art, but not before she invites me to sit and have a drink with her in her living room. I can tell that Patricia is trying to get a sense of my energy as she embraces me in her space before "talking shop" and giving me a tour of her art studio. Sounds like a bunch of hippy fluff but it makes sense when I listen to her talk about the meaning behind every piece of furniture she creates.

How we got here was through a mutual friend who made a virtual introduction. Patricia was seeking help with PR and looking for advice on how to break into the American market for her furniture. What was supposed to be a business meeting turned into hours of deep philosophical conversation, and finally touring of her incredible workshop. I'm starting to realize at Patricia's house...

it's like Hotel California — You can check-out anytime you like, but you can never leave!

Hours go by as we sit, eat, and laugh. When Patricia shows me the pieces she's been working on, I am in awe of the process and the amount of work that goes into each table. I wonder how you even begin to put a price on such labor of love. This isn't like stepping into IKEA, buying a $50.00 coffee table. Don't get me wrong, I love IKEA but there's a time and a place.

Patricia dedicates hours to creating functional pieces of art that embody biophilia. Her passion for connecting people with nature, radiates as she walks me through the different stages of her craft. Brushing her hands over rough pieces of wood, Patricia shows me a collection of leaves, seed pods, stones and various elements found in nature. She points out table tops in which she incorporates nature’s treasures, embedding them in resin between live-edge wood. Her work is beautiful, magical even. Not one table is the same and everyone tells a unique story.

Soaking it all in, I do finally leave the vortex that is Patricia Bell. It is past midnight when I return home and finally lay my head down. Inspired by her art and enthusiasm, I have become an instant fan and promoter of her work. If you're a lover of meaningful art, handcrafted furniture, and nature, do yourself a favor and check out the works of Patricia Bell Furniture on Instagram

See below, my article featuring Patricia Bell Furniture's first U.S. exhibit published in The Villager magazine.

Meet Patricia Bell, Brazilian native, proud parent, and founding artist at Patricia Bell Furniture.

At Village Park Milton we feel honored to be the first to exhibit pieces of Patricia’s latest collection, soon to be displayed in one of our community’s common areas.

Patricia’s one-of-a-kind coffee table series is a conversation piece you’ll find hard to ignore.

Patricia Bell grew up in Brazil before moving to the U.S. in 2017. After visiting America on multiple occasions she fell in love with this country.

A collection of tree stumps, and pieces of live-edge wood slabs, which she then turns into carefully curated table tops, occupy Patricia’s studio. You can feel the peaceful and creative energy in this space from the moment you step foot through the door. Patricia spends most of her days collecting Nature’s treasures as she carefully hand selects seeds, sticks, leaves, rocks, etc. to later marry her findings with wood and resin. The epoxy resin Patricia uses to coat and seal her creations is meant to represent water and in its composition often resembles that of a river or stream.

The process of creating her coffee tables can take months. Working with wood and resin as the two main mediums leaves no room for impatience. The drying time between the many layers of poured resin can take a couple of weeks alone, but you can understand why the wait and hard work is well worth it when you see the result.

Patricia has found her life purpose in creating and sharing her hand-crafted furniture with others. Before the start of every new project, Patricia thinks about how she can inspire people through her art. “We must have meaningful things in our lives and our homes, ” says Patricia. Our environment has a big impact on how we feel on the inside. The thought of beautiful landscapes, the waves of the sea, or walking through a field of flowers can bring us joy, serenity, and comfort. Patricia’s furniture is meant to add harmony, inspire productivity, and connect us with Nature in our home and work environment.

Each of Patricia’s projects is marked with a hidden pearl waiting for you to discover, so take a close look when admiring the installation. We cannot wait to meet Patricia and have the pleasure of temporarily living among her beautiful and functional art in our community, right here at Village Park.

Cass Anderson

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