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#BOHO Ways To Upcycle Your Cans (Part 2)

From windowsill herb gardens, propagating house plants hydroponically, to creating an indoor jungle, plants and gardening have become a popular activity to occupy people's pastime lately.

The downfall - most of us don't have a plethora of cute pots and containers to house all of the seedlings, succulents, and transplants that have now joined the family.

Then there is the money factor - Going out and buying a bunch of pots and planters is not only unsustainable but also quite costly.

The solution - empty food cans. Most likely you already have some laying around the house or readily available for you to fish out of the recycling bin. Tacky you say?! Not if you give them a quick transformation to where they turn from an eyesore to pleasant focal point as I demonstrate in my quick video tutorial. So before you grab your face mask to run to the store, check your house for items you most likely already have available to recreate this project.

#Reduce #Reuse #Recycle

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