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3 #BOHO Ways To Upcycle Your Cans - Part 1

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

The trash to treasure concept is more exciting to me than buying something new especially when I can save money, kill time, and save the planet!

While stuck in quarantine I have come up with a few ideas on how to upcycle empty food cans that were piling up and overflowing the recycling bin. Searching the web for ideas, I didn't come across too many examples that I would actually consider to incorporate as part of my home decor, so I figured out a way to give those old cans a #bohochic face-lift before proudly displaying them on my bathroom counter.

Here is a #functional decor idea to keep my toiletries and makeup brushes organized without making the counter space in the guest bathroom look messy. This project only required a few cans and some extra macrame rope I had laying around. Go take a look and have fun creating your own.

Love, Cass

-Socially Minded-

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