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Hi, I'm Cass — creator of Socially Minded. This blog came about as a means to share my stories, experiences, and creative projects in hope to inspire others. My life is far from linear, I like to draw outside the lines, and often take the road less traveled. Call me a nomad, free spirit, or eccentric — Adventures seem to always find me!

Talk about adventure — At 16, I left home and moved from Germany to the U.S. where I was living life by the seat of my pants in sunny San Diego. I worked multiple jobs, made fast friends, sang in bands, and had a good time until one day I woke up realizing I needed a change. I was in search of something more fulfilling, productive, and different. I didn't know what that would look like or where I would be but in the meantime I said goodbye to the West Coast and headed to the Peach State. Georgia became home for one year and it was a good time to reconnect with family while planning my next move.

Austin, Texas stole my heart in the end, until the road was calling once again. An opportunity to travel took me all over the country for a good part of 2019 before unintentionally landing in Georgia for the second time. What was supposed to be a pitstop before returning to Austin, turned into an extended stay when COVID 19 crushed us all. Going on two years, I'm making the best of where I am, and feeling extremely fortunate to have an array of diverse work ventures moving me closer to my next goal. Where I'm not living in a van down by the river, my dreams are actually not far off (saving the good stuff for later 😉).

For those of you who made it to this part, thanks for stopping by! Maybe you'll find some relatable, inspirational, or entertaining content in the blog posts to come.

Stay curious,

🤍 Cass

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